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Sales and Operations Planning

Forecasting Software made simple with an example of automatic allocationsCompanies worldwide employ a multitude of different methods during the planning process. 

3 of the most commonly used methods can be seen by clicking on the links above with ‘Fox’ having the ability to work with you whatever method you use.

Create Scenario's using Fox Ledgers

Fox can store unlimited data sets which we call ledgers.  Each Ledger  contains one fiscal year of volumes, prices, retailer prices, trade terms, promotion details, marketing spend ,cogs, currency rates and if required overheads split by account and product.

Data within a Ledger is stored at any product or account level and will be allocated down at report time. 

Working this way ensures that Fox reports are always real time which is a requirement for a collaborative planning system.  

Creating new ledgers is simple. For example, to simulate a price rise mid-year; simply copy the current year Ledger then selectively upload new prices using Fox wizards. The new ledger is then visible to authorised users.

Fox reports are designed to run with pre-defined ledgers which can be substituted at run time.

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Release Technologies Forecasting Software made simple