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Find your entire product and brand information in one place

The Product Catalogue is a one stop system to collect, publish and access all product details.

All the info made easySince even minor packaging changes necessitate creating a new SKU this can be laborious, time consuming and can cause delays. Minor mistakes here can cause problems later when customers are invoiced resulting in credit notes. This system removes these issues and delivers one place for all product information for the whole business.

Creating a product is simple with the originating department starting the process and adding their information. Each subsequent department is prompted by e-mail and enters their required information (which can include product images or media artwork) and once complete it returns to the originator to be finally checked before being signed off and published in the catalogue.

New and replacement products can inherit specifications from existing products with the system having the ability to allocate new bar codes automatically.

Account managers can now populate and print customer specific new line forms for accounts or trade associations in their own specific formats at the touch of a button

Everyone else in the business now has one access point to collect data, retrieve images or view artwork.

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