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Managing Trade, Advertising and Promotions Spend using Fox Projects

Screen view of Trade Spend summary with promotional management70-85% of CG companies are unhappy with their ability to manage their trade spending with 50-70% still using Excel as the only means of tracking it

The Account/Marketing Manager fills out an online form with details of buy in and promotional dates, objectives, site required, deal/mechanic type, distribution % split by  week/month and any discounts required or accruals needed by type.

Once submitted the project is electronically routed for approval, volume and financial forecasts are updated, supply chain issues highlighted, price changes notified to customer services and the Promotional Calendar amended.

If your Account Managers have a habit of spending too much of your money the system can have in-built warnings before they do it, or you can prevent them there and then.

The system generates a unique number for each part of the accrual required (Retro discount, space costs, POS). This is then used in your financial systems to correctly identify the project and code invoices.

Accruals are generated and uploaded into your financial systems. Fox then synchronizes with your financial systems matching transactions directly to each project. Results for the period from gross sales to marketing contribution are now available for analysis by account and product.

Further details (pdf)

Release Technologies Trade Promotion Software made simple